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You decide you dont belong here. You realize youre not transgender and you never will be, youll never get over that. Youre going to live the rest of your life with the knowledge you never had the right to be yourself, a life of regret and regret will haunt you forever. You can only guess that youll be the next one to be murdered in some misguided attempt to prevent others from living their lives. You go homeYou cant do this any longer. You cant live with the knowledge you couldnt live in the first place. This was your life from the time you were born until you died. You go homeYou pack some clothing, some medication, and a few books in a bag and leave the apartment building in search of a bathroom. You look in the bathroom mirrors and see a reflection of yourself in each one, your heart beats faster. The first thing you do is go look at your reflection in the mirror. Youre wearing jeans and a pink tank top under a pink pullover. In the mirror, you see your skin has dark lines and discoloration, but youre pretty sure you look young. Her face is lined and wrinkled because of her age and you can see the lines in her neck and the lump in her throat from when she had to drink quite a bit. You cant bring yourself to look at the other side of yourself in the mirror, but you try anyway, and once again you see something that makes you shudder. Her eyes are small and sad and her lips are pursed. She has dark circles under her eyes and her complexion isnt the healthy white you have, its a sickly yellow. In any other circumstance, the other side of yourself would be terrified, but because of the way you look at her you dont see anything wrong. She looks so scared and sad and she has so much on her mind its impossible for her to be angry or to want to do anything to you. You look away and look up at the ceiling. After giving yourself a moment to collect yourself, you head home and pack up your things. You the next dayYoure feeling a little better yesterday. You have no need to hide anymore, and you have no desire for social status. Youve done nothing but sit by the computer and read the Internet for the past three days. You have no desire to be anywhere, or do anything, other than sit by that same computer and get on with your life. Youve come to the conclusion that your life will mean nothing and the rest.

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