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Celebrities You Have Never Expected To See In Your Life. You need to stay here for at least a little bit longer. You go for the doorYou hide in the darkness of the hallway.

Now, you are about to head to the bar, and you decide to take a look, because if anyone here knows a thing or two about good music, its you. Who knows, maybe you can find your new band there. It looks pretty empty, like it hasnt been used in years. The bartender looks at you like you have two heads or something, but just says, Um, sure. Theres like a barstool right over there. See a picture of us, and well get you a drink. You continueHey, I want you to get me a drink here, just like youre getting me one right now. Ill get the picture, and I can do the talking, you say. He leads you to an empty barstool, then takes a seat across from him. Have a seat and Ill call out, Back in a bit, Im calling out to you, the bartender says. He pulls the beer out of the cooler, and hands it to you. Then, he looks you up and down. Well, youre here now, Ill get you a drink after work, he says. You can think of no reason to lie.

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