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You move on to something elseYou dont need a reason; you still have that nagging voice in the back of your head that keeps saying No. And you arent going to let it control your every action. You remember a time, a time when the people of the world all came together in what was essentially a unified front, against the likes of the Red Blades. When that unity was still strong enough that even the most fanatical religious zealots had to bow down before it. The Red Blades have always been a thorn in the side of this society, and every single time theyve come back stronger. Your only solace is that theyve never managed to attack the capital, but now. You dont need to tell the people of the world why they should unite against them. This message has already been sent by the latest attack on that girls caravan. Perhaps you can finally bring this organization to its knees. You attack Red BladesYoull have to look into it yourself, but maybe you should give the Red Blades a chance. Maybe they really are the greatest pain in the ass that they pretend to be. You feel a blast of wind blow past you. It knocks you backwards a few feet, and you try to get up in time not to be blown into a pile of corpses. Its been a long time since youve had a chance to even speak to the leader of your squad. You guess its best you dont bother. No sense in getting them all worked up about some dumb prank they didnt even know about. You stand on the balcony of the fort while your soldiers look at you with curious eyes. The next few days are uneventful; you spend most of the time training with your squad mates. In the middle of the day, youre on patrol and youre soon on the lookout for the enemy. When they start coming out of the forest they dont look like much. They can barely fly, but what the hell they are is fast and well equipped. Theyre a pack of bloodthirsty crazies and youre going to kill every last one of them, because you wont be taken down by a bunch of mindless creatures or some shit. Youre going to take them down by yourself. With your squad, you start your battle. The first few you take out, but theyre quick and vicious. Then, the number increases to a degree where you need to split your attention and use ranged attacks.

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