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Often citing Microsofts Windows 8 as their reason for abandoning the computer world. But a new report has cast a bit of a doubt on the idea that the Mac has taken over the computing world. According to a survey conducted by PC World, there are other reasons than Windows 8 and lack of apps that developers and owners are abandoning their PCs. According to the report, developers are giving up on Macs due to the Apple platform not being up to the task of developing and shipping the next generation of apps. As reported by CNET, Microsoft reportedly wants Windows 8 to be the platform of the future, with a new type of app that is designed to be easily released on a range of devices from PCs to smartphones. However, when it came to using the latest OS to develop and push the next-generation applications, developers said there was just not enough time. Many developers are having trouble with it, Steve Guttenberg, PC Worlds director of PC technology, told CNBC. Its not just about the number of apps they can ship in the next year, but the number and speed of updates they can deliver. In a statement to CNBC, Steve Kleynhans, Microsofts director of developer relations, said As were seeing with the many ways this generation of apps are taking advantage of the power of the Xbox Kinect, developers are taking full advantage of the Xbox Live ecosystem to extend the capabilities of Xbox One. We want to keep that momentum going into the future and were looking forward to expanding.

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