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Ll be around to enjoy this, but I want to give my love and best wishes to you. At this point you and Diana make yourself scarce. Ve done so, you have to put your foot down. T let her put herself through what you did. So you make her do it by yourself. T really have any major accomplishments to brag about. T really have anything of note to show for your life. S retired now from government service, although not from his law enforcement career. Ll let you stay at his place, in exchange for sex. S a chance to not have to worry about money ever again. Re not hurting anyone, that its all for a good cause. You spend several years living in the house with him while you work as a maid. Finally his mistress starts cheating on him and that forces him to go over to your house. He starts beating you and other women like you for a living and when you voice your desire to leave him, he beats the crap out of you. He ends up dumping his other woman and is only left with you to take care of his child.

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