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Now you know who you want to write about, you figure its about time to give the people what they want to read. How many famous 30 year olds are there. The thought of thinking makes you want to go to sleep. You have not thought about anything but sex for the past few hours. Re looking at porn for 4-5 hours a day. Were you even looking at porn at all. T you ask yourself those questions. S probably best not to put too much stock in your own thoughts on this matter. And if all that is true, then what are you even trying to do with your life in the first place. After doing some digging about some of your favorite porn stars, you come to the realization that you used to look at their pictures before they started using adult websites. T look like they were struggling with their life at all. Of course being a computer addict, you start reading up more about the internet and the evils of the world. Re getting more depressed and you take a break to grab a drink with your friends. T even feel like going home though. Re sitting in your car in your house with a beer in your hand, when suddenly you get a phone call. You put it to your ear and speak to a woman on the other end. Yeah I live at the same address as you so you can find me.

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