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The only thing we dont have is pictures of all of them, so we cant create one of the best GIF of this countdown. In addition, this page has several sections; these include a blog called The Real World Kids, which contains a few blog-like pages with blog-like articles, a list of all the 45 year olds, with pictures. And finally a countdown of the 45 year olds who are on TV at any given time. In the blog section, the 45 year old celebrities are organized by their real names and show their age with exclamation points, such as Dwayne Johnson is 42 years old, and is a wrestler, a celebrity, and a action hero on the hit TV Show, The Fast and the Furious. Also, in this section, you can tell us who you think IS the real 45 year old celebrity. You choose Dwayne JohnsonOh, so hes the 45 year old celebrity. Dwayne Johnson is only 42 years old, and in 2008 starred in the popular hit movie, Hercules. And he made his acting debut on Broadway in the play, Gifted Hands. Oh, so hes the 45 year old celebrity. You choose a picture of Dwayne JohnsonWell there you have it: Dwayne Johnson, the 45 year old celebrity. And now you have to decide which photo to use as the captchas. You choose the picture on the leftYeah, youre not doing that. Now, you have to choose which one you want as the password. Dwayne JohnsonIts a Small World After All. You choose Johnsons faceYou chose Johnsons face. And you chose Dwayne Johnson as your choice. This is the page where you will choose a new entry, and you will see how many entries you have already chosen. You choose 4 or more; you win. You have won a copy of The Worst 45th Birthday, with an 11 page guide to the 45 year olds. This page also gives you your entry address: You win.

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