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In other words, do not, I repeat, do not, try to surpass the photos of real celebrities on this list, or any other celebrity list for that matter. A womans value depends on her personality her character her kindness her grace. The list is, as you guessed, a compendium of famous women of modest heights. In fact, its not even necessarily women of short stature; here are the short men:And here are some short guys in similar situations:Thats all anyone can say. The other problem is that the list is a bit on the long side. The list that the list-makers compiled is a little longer, but its length isnt anything to get worked up about, and a little thought will take care of it. Your task is to try to name a new name for every photo thats been used to illustrate their list. ROGER THE BANDITAnd now, on with your task of naming short men. Ive never heard of this band before, but its a good one. ROGER THE BANDIT AND THE SAVAGE LITTLE SNAKSROGER THE BANDIT TAKES CARE OF THOSE SMALL SNAKESROGER THE BANDIT THE SNAKES SITROGER THE BANDIT SITTING ON THE SNAKES BACKIve never heard of that song either, but it sounds like it sounds like its about people. ROGER THE BANDITS BABY YOUNGER SONIve never even heard of that band before, but I like it when they sing about being small and being on the ground and other such lyrics. Ive never seen them, so I cant vouch for their music, but its got that kind of feel to it. ROGER THE BANDIT AND THE SNAKEI never heard of that song either, but I like it when those people sing about being small and on the ground and such. ROGER THE BANDIT GETS SLAPPED OVER THE SHOULDER BY A SNOWMANAnd now, on with the other task that Im supposed to be doing: naming short men. But I know that you cant be short if you dont have a long penis. Well, ok, I like to pretend I dont know shit.

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