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At the very least, a celebrity would at least be able to help you out. S no way to contact the outside world once you land. T look like you have the strength to do so. You have to fight your way out of here. The last one ends up using his axe to chop you into several pieces before you die. You look around a bit more and then you notice a single guard on a higher watch tower directly in your direction. D be taking your chances against the rest of the guards who are armed to the teeth. You might be better off fighting with what you got and running away to somewhere else and try to avoid this place. Though you are curious about what the streets are like, maybe you can find food there. You begin to make your way to the door and think about where you might be able to find food. Re still concerned about the guards you saw. Re going to need something to hide behind if things go south. Re no longer worried about the guards and just decide to run to somewhere safe. Re going to need something to hide behind if this place goes to hell in a hand basket. You dash through the door and begin to run in the direction of the streets, but not before a soldier on the ground floor swings his weapon, knocking you to the ground in the process.

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