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It seems like just a few years ago that the world thought Jack was crazy for trying to compare a penis size comparison on national television. The fact of the matter is, when he compared the dicks of some of the most famous, and less famous, Hollywood players at the time to see who was the biggest dick, it was pretty tame compared to when he did it on the air. The guy has never really been shy about discussing his favorite things and is very outspoken about a lot of subjects on his radio and TV program, so its pretty surprising that hed suddenly feel the need to take it to a whole new level. When the world learned that he got a new job as a commentator for FOX News Channel, some people are a little worried that the talk show host has gone so far off the deep end that he has taken his show down the rabbit hole. You cant imagine what kind of crazy things hes going to say next, but you know youve got to watch it just in case. You listenYoure just going to have to listen to this guy. When he starts rambling about various things on his show, youre pretty much just going to go with it. Some of the guys I was comparing it to, like the ones on the show today, theyve got a little longer dicks than this. If I didnt have a tape recorder on me, I probably woulda thought they were measuring their dicks with a ruler. They were a little more than 7. The rest of the show is a little more of a normal commentary on news and current events, but youre still prepared if the next crazy thing comes out of his mouth. A lot of the stars on this show have smaller dicks than I thought they had. I mean the average size of a guy whos not in a porno is probably about 7 or 8 inches. And I just got a tape measure and measured Johnnys, he says. And you couldnt even measure it without looking at all the other dicks. Did you ever get around to measuring yours. Theyre a lot smaller than I thought they were. I got to see a full length photo of mine and theyre a lot smaller. I think mine are a couple of inches smaller than that, Jack says. Yours are always the first one I get on a date with. Ive had girlfriends before that wanted to get with me and Im like, I dunno how big you are either. 5 inches and I know I am a little above that.

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