A Look At 2 Stars Besides Phil Robertson Who Faced Backlash For …

Post about Homophobic celebrities

Ve never heard of that have said similar shit. Ve probably said similar shit to more people than they have. Maybe they really love what they do, but maybe they have some inner demons of their own. Yeah, you think they probably have a soul. Words that are only worth what you put into them. Re going to be better than they ever will be. Re doing, even if they hate themselves, they will never know about the real you. You continueBut what if they know about the real you and they still do what they are doing. Re still going to hate you even though they know the truth. S why they need you to stop. Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Phil Robertson. Re not going to let them get to you. Re going to take the good out of them. Re going to be able to keep them from coming back for more by making them hate. Ve got to make them hate you so bad they are begging for death. You get the admiration of the entire world and all you have to do is turn on the charm.

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