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You buy a new pairNah, Im still wearing my old ones. Youre at a bar one night looking for that perfect drink to wash all this alcohol down with when you hear a loud buzz. You dont know who that could beYou turn around and see a group of teenagers on a DJ booth with a laptop screen broadcasting a news show. You say, running back to the bar for a drink, but the teens are still there and theyre still on the DJ booth. You wait by the drinks by the bar while they move to get a new DJ booth. You turn back to the teens and say, Im not gonna let you get away with this. You run back to the DJ booth with an angry look on your face. The teens start running to the bathroom to take a piss, but they ignore your pleas, shouting at you, No one cares. Youre a woman and this isnt you, you know. You turn back to the teens and say, If this is some sick prank, then this bar is not safe to enter. You call the copsYou call the police and get someone to come as soon as they can. You grab your bag and rush back to the bar as fast as you can. As youre leaving, the cops see you, walk over and order you to the back of the line. Several hours pass and youre finally called. Youre put in a holding cell and your friend sits in on the phone, asking you to explain why youre being held, but youre silent. You sit silently and wait, but your call is not answered. You ask, Do I need to wait out the night in a cell with rapists and sadists. Yeah, but dont worry, your friend is a pretty good lawyer and could give you a better deal. You cant just take peoples rights away because theyre male or female. Pfft, guess you really are one of the good ones. You say, How long are you being held for. Oh, Ive been sitting right here for over a fucking hour, cant you see Im a woman. You start crying and yelling for the phone to be put on speaker. You hang upAs you hang up, you feel like youve lost a very important family member.

This article about Celebrities wearing diapers