A street leading up to a large structure that resembles a tower…

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You continueYou continue on foot, and make your way to the direction the mansion was pointed. The mansion was pointed northwest, on a hill to the east of you. There are several houses clustered to the southeast of the mansion, in a cluster of hills. You can see the mansion tower ahead of you. You decide to head up one of the hills, to the west. It will be more useful to you to be on firmer ground, than on a slope-covered hill. As you climb up the hill, you begin to feel the cold wind blowing, which, though, isnt as bad as you had feared. You also see a couple of the houses ahead of you, at the top of the hill, turning to look at you. One of them is a large, white, two-story, four-bedroom home, set in a garden. You can see its owner, standing at the balcony, looking out at the mansion. The other house is a modest, one-story, one-bedroom, one-bathroom home, built in a garden. You arent sure what type of home it belongs to. You keep climbing up the hill, which soon takes you into the foothills of the hills, and gives you a view of a few dozen houses scattered along the hillsides, and one, large, mansion, as you continue your ascent. There is nothing here but hills, hills, hills. The nearest town, and the nearest big city, are both three hours away. The hills are so far away, that it would be a trip, just to get to them from your current position. You continue up the hills to the mansionAs the hills increase in elevation from the foothills, the hills increase in complexity. The hills rise from the hills, to mountains, to hills, to mountains, and so on, with the mansion at the top of the hills. You continue to climb, and see more houses, houses, houses. The only thing that breaks up the panorama is the distant, mountainous peaks that you cannot even see from here. It is a wide, two-story, three-bedroom, two-bath, white mansion. You are on the property of a wealthy business man, from the hills. There is no need to keep heading up into the mountains like this.

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