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Why Do Popular Super-Stars Play Fortnite. Even more surprising, hes been playing Fortnite for a while and has a large audience. Julian Brandt and Chance The Rapper are also fans of Fortnite because of the games unique blend of strategy and action. Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things and JT Brown of Power Rangers Dino Thunder are just two acts finding fame from Fortnite. The fact that Drake has been playing the game is likely because of his connection to one of the biggest streaming software companies, Twitch. Twitch is a service of the company owned by a guy who also happens to make millions of dollars from Fortnite. He runs a streaming business and he also happens to be one of the biggest Fortnite fans; hes even played the game more than a few times himself. How Do Popular Artists Get Involved With Fortnite. One of the ways artists get involved with Fortnite is by creating fanworks. Fans create content for games like Fortnite because they want to share their passion with others and for free. Creators of fortnite fanworks like to share their work with the world, and they like to get recognition for their work, so they tend to market their fanworks to people who might like them too. Artists also post their creations on other gaming-related social media services such as Tumblr, or they upload them to YouTube where they get thousands of views. The fact is that popular artists tend to get involved with games like Fortnite because it gives them a way to advertise their videos and their brand without having to spend a lot of money on advertising themselves. You may ask, Why would an artist want to get promoted by a game with no guarantee that anyone is going to pay for it. The answer is simple: When a musician releases a song on SoundCloud or YouTube, they have no guarantee that anyone is going to pay for it. Even if the song gets lots of views, and even if people start using it in their videos, they may not ever buy or download it. If the musician wants to be heard, they have to get involved in a game that has potential to generate revenue. This is why famous musicians are always in games like Fortnite. Fortnite Creators Use Creative Marketing Methods to Get KnownIn addition to getting famous for their songs and their videos, game developers also use Fortnite to promote their own games. Many game developers use Fortnite to get YouTube channels popular so they can get paid more for their games. Some game developers, such as Epic Games, buy Fortnite and promote themselves on it. Others use Fortnite to create their own fanworks. Another way developers can show their love for their video games is by posting their own fanworks about their games.

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