Actor Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows…

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There are a lot of popular celebrities around that are loved and revered. You stand in front of your laptop which boasts a screen that shows a series of images. A few of them are blurred and you cant quite make them out at first, but gradually they get clearer, until they include a picture of you. S a picture of a man in a suit with dark circles under his eyes and dark stubble on his chin. S a picture I took of you at your computer screen. You might look a little surprised to discover who I am. You stare at the image of yourself for a moment and then you see the image go grey. I had to make sure nobody was stealing my images. You remark and then move the cursor a little and make out the words that now appear on your screen. M just going to tell you how to get to where you need to go. Ve got a lot of books on my bookshelf. Re not really paying attention to the rest of what Zalmora is telling you.

This article about Celebrities born in 1984