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This information about Celebrities who have died in 2018

Ll be shocked to learn that none of those deaths were due to an epidemic. 1, 2018, there have been 1,945 deaths reported; a death rate of 0. In all of 2017, there were 1,863 deaths reported with a mortality rate of 0. The CDC publishes an annual report which includes a list of the top 10 deadliest years; 2017 was the ninth deadliest year on record. There certainly have been more people dying in 2018 than there have been in recent years, and thats not good. However, the data show that the death rate has been trending down for decades. Perhaps the most likely possible explanation is that this is simply the natural aging process. For some reason, weve decided, or been forced to, reduce our number of deaths by having fewer babies, and that process, while not halted, is not speeding up. I am not suggesting that we stop having babies. I am suggesting that there may be a downside to cutting back on the number of deaths by suicide, car accidents, and other unhealthy ways of dying Art by Gwen Denny, The video will start in 8 CancelGet daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid EmailA woman has suffered life-threatening injuries after a suspected explosive device exploded under her vehicle. The blast occurred on a motorway in the town of Verviers in the Belgian province of Flanders. Police said they believe it was made by a suicide bomber. A nearby motorway was closed as police worked to secure the area. Read more: Woman runs into street with head wound after Tube and tram hit by explosion in east London, Image: Vervierspolice Image: Vervierspolice, Police said the explosion occurred on the carriageway just before 5. It forced authorities to shut the A13 motorway into the town and police were seen evacuating residents from their homes.

Information about Celebrities who have died in 2018