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I cant imagine youve been a celebrity long before, but youd be doing a lot better than a lot of Greeks are doing, since they are all doing very poorly. I bet it was only a matter of time before someone accused you of being a traitor and trying to escape your shitty homeland. But I have my reasonsYou have them, you are a genius, you have made your career here and the world is better for it. And there is one more reason tooWhy should a stranger come along and change your mind. The Greek people have the right to keep who they are forever. They might not need you, but they will always need you. You are going to do your part to help them. If you are successful, then you will be able to live your own life in peace. No sooner have you finished writing all that, when you see a man in a business suit and a briefcase walking towards the door of the office. You wait and take care of business and if you dont, then what do you do. You say We have business to discussYou enter the office and wait quietly. Demar, I trust you are not here alone. I was told to inform you that we had something important to discuss. I am sorry to bother you, but you havent had any new orders from the government in many months and a meeting with senior staff is necessary. You mean to tell me that the world has stopped spinning and there are no more wars. Yes, our world is a much different place. We have lost a great war with the Draco Empire, but it has turned out to be a Pyrrhic one. While the Draco empire is gone, there are now two new empires, the Galian Empire and the Eternals. A new race of super-soldiers, they have been genetically engineered from the ground up to excel in combat. I have had some interesting meetings with some of their leaders, but I must warn you that they are quite hostile and will not be pacified with diplomacy or diplomacy in this form. Ah, but why are they coming to fight.

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