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You leaveThe rest of the trip went fairly quickly. You didnt pay attention to the road signs at all and as you left the city limits on HWY 14, your destination was quickly spotted by a driver on a regular tour van. You immediately got out of your rental car and got your cell phone out. He looked inside the van and didnt see the keys in which you already gave to him, he just looked around for your wallet as to see if you were going to keep the van for free. No, but Ive still got room in the van. You said and then went back to the van and sat on the seat. The keys are on my desk over there, Your phone was already ringing and it was an old acquaintance that you didnt really like all that much. You were also too far from here and a good distance from Carrolton, so I need to go the other way. You can use it for free but you need to stay put for the entire trip. You hung up the phone, while the man was already walking off in another direction. The man took the keys from you and looked at them. Those ones are going to Dallas and the other one will be returned to you. You didnt really have any other choices at that point. You had to hurry up and find a gas station and stop at it to buy some gas for your van. The only thing you could do is drive it to Carrolton as fast as possible. It took you about 5 minutes to reach Carrolton with the gas in the van. Suddenly you were stopped by a large man in a business suit with a hard look on his face. T be responsible for people who are not paying attention, He said.

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