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Jpg Celebrities We Lost In 2019 1 of 56 You ever notice how all the movies and TV shows about blackAfrican American characters usually end with them being killed, beaten, murdered, raped, abused, exploited, or something of the sort. The only characters in these stories that survive are either the hero, the villain, or the heros family. The only reason why the bad guys win is because they tend to be bigger, tougher, better armed, or have some other advantage. Its almost like these types of stories dont teach you that these are the basic building blocks of a country. People can only take so much abuse before they crack or their willpower fails. Thats why when someone like Al Sharpton goes on national TV and advocates for these black criminals, it sends a really bad message. A message that tells the people of our country that they arent going to take this any more. Theyre not going to stand against being oppressed. Theyre not going to continue to have their basic human rights taken from them. A country that has had the basic civil rights of its citizens stripped from it.

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