After years of progressive strides, 2017 felt in many ways like a …

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The year 2017 saw a significant shift in the mainstream perception of same-sex relations. In the mainstream media, most of the mainstream news stories on gay or same-sex relationships were portrayed as a negative, mostly because they were the lesser forms of the same-sex, such as bestiality, pedophilia and incest. The more negative stories, which portrayed homosexuality as bad, such as suicide, were rarely mentioned in the media. Gay and bisexual people were portrayed as damaged individuals, incapable of expressing themselves through normal forms of social interaction, most of the time with the exception of the military, the police force, and the military industrial complex. On the other hand, most news stories on the other forms of discrimination, for example racism and sexism, were very positive. It became increasingly clear that for the majority of the society, these forms of discrimination are acceptable on a societal level, and that they are not the responsibility of society. The more positive stories also showed an increasing gap between those that believe in equality and equality for all, and those that believe that the majority is superior. One of the more progressive news stories to highlight this dichotomy was when the Supreme Court voted to legalize same-sex marriage. The majority of the society, which does not want to accept that people have different sexual preferences, supported the decision of the court on this issue, however, it came at the price of one of the most traditional forms of discrimination: the death penalty. Another news story that showed the increasing gap between those that support same-sex marriage and equal treatment for all, and those that support discrimination for obvious reasons, was the attack on the LGBTQ community in Orlando, Florida. When the shooting occurred at the Pulse nightclub, the mass media, and many people, mostly supporters of discrimination, blamed the victims for the attack, for having gay sex. On the other hand, two other stories showed that the majority of the society was accepting toward them. The first was in the form of a story on the Most Valuable Athletes of 2017. Gay athletes, including professional athletes, professional models and even the NBA players, were ranked from 1 to 50 as an overall ranking, 50 being a perfect score with the best player of the year being openly gay model and athlete, David Beckham, who won the award for Most Valuable Male of the year, with his success in the womens soccer team of the English Premier League. The second story was a similar ranking of the most hated athletes of the year, which were all athletes who had discriminated against the LGBTQ community. One of the most hated athletes was NFL players Colin Kaepernick and Brendon Ayanbadejo, both of whom protested the treatment of the marginalized community by refusing to stand for the national anthem. The players made a statement that they were protesting against the injustice of police brutality, the treatment of African Americans in the country.

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