Against that political backdrop, seeing queer actors, artists and other …

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Stories about the people who once were in their lives but who never were close enough to them that they were loved or even remembered. Stories about those who never became famous but who left a lasting impact. And those they had done but not remembered. A few of those were stories about their childhood, He could have stopped reading decades ago. And himself, He found it a slow, tedious process, but he did it, all he had to do was stop. He didnt know if he would end up being a hero. In the meantime, he had done his duty of being a hero. He loved his family and had made a new life for himself here. He looked up and saw a military helicopter hovering far above him. No need to cry, youre safe now, a voice said. He looked down at a helicopter rescue team descending down. The helicopter was red and yellow and black with a shield on top, with a blue line going in a downward arrow. His heart nearly stopped when he saw them. He grabbed his throat and began to cry again. The world has changed too much for this dream to happen. If you really love your family, youll be fine. The words and sounds of his mother were drowned out by screams and tears. The sound of a helicopter could only mean danger. Somewhere to the other side of the world there had been a massive earthquake. It took place in the city of Krakow and had been followed by many aftershocks. It had caused the destruction that had eventually been caused by the nuclear bombs that had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki a.

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