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Free View in iTunes10 Clean Ep – 66: GY. This week we explore a unique Canadian band that you cant help but fall in love with: The Fall. The duo of Mike Patton and Michael Angelakos has managed to stay together for the past 22 years, and their new album Moth Free View in iTunes11 Clean Ep: 65: The Falls New Album. This week we are joined by Canadian band The Fall. The one and only, Mike Patton and Michael Angelakos have been a rock n roll rock and rollin duo since the 80s. Michael Angelakos has been playing guitar and singing since he was in. Free View in iTunes12 Clean Ep: 64: T-Boz, The Last King of the Vanishing Pimps, This week we are joined by Toronto singersongwriter T-Boz, the last of one of Vanishing Pimps musics original bands, a band that broke up back in 2009 only to re-form just a few years later. T-Boz explains why it took so long for him to a. Free View in iTunes13 Clean Ep: 63: Justin Bieber and the Notorious M. This week we are joined by Justin Bieber whose hit song Baby has been in the top 5 of the Canadian singles chart for the last four years. Justin sings his solo song Boyfriend on our live show from Torontos Donwood. Free View in iTunes14 Clean Ep: 62: A Canadian Take On The Proposal This week we take a look at the Canadian rockers The Black Keys. They first took the world by storm in 1997 with their debut album from Memphis, TN. Their sound is a mixture of country, rock n roll and new wave. Free View in iTunes15 Clean Ep: 61: My Crazy Ex-Boyfriend I love you more than life. I fell in love with you too, I was only 19. Free View in iTunes17 Clean Ep: 59: The Beatles: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band This week were joined by Canadian Beatle fan, John. He is a true Beatles lover, he grew up with the Fab Four during their heyday in the 1960s, and hes an avid collector. During our chat he shares his wonderful story of meeting a Beatb.

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