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Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is probably one of the most real about aging celebs about it. Shes even talked about it in interviews and movies, and in her book, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, you can practically feel her nervousness when describing what shes going through. She actually admits, in the book, that she has gotten worse at appearing older than she actually is. Its never easy to be at your most comfortable, but as I sat down to write this book, I knew that I had to do it. When I was young and glamorous, I thought that appearing younger than I was only added to my charm. But as I got older, I thought I was only attracting guys with a similar sense of humor and the confidence that came along with it. But as Ive gotten closer to 30, Ive realized that I cant even hold a conversation with some of my male co-workers anymore. I dont want to be a walking billboard for my own insecurities. I dont want my face out there all over the Internet looking back at me. Im not ready to be called a wrinkly old lady. You decide to wear your clothes as the picture they appear to be. You take a deep breath and get dressed. With that out of the way you take a deep breath and walk outside. A little more nervous than usual, but with the day you worked hard on and the day you are about to go out of your comfort zone, you might as well be on a high. You enter the door, take a deep breath and open it with an aggressive push of the doorknob. You second floorYou walk downstairs and see a big dining area, a bar area, and a bedroom area. Looks like you took the wrong floor, but whatever. You enter the room, you have a quick look around and see what looks like a single bed, a dresser and a desk in the corner of the room. Your heartbeat quickens when you look at the dresser. You smile remembering the joy that you shared with her. You look into the pictures that cover the dresser and feel a smile creep across your face. They remind you that you had a happy life with this girl.

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