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What Do You Think They Think I Do With My Love. There are many different ways of life, including one way of living: being in the world of Pansexuals. Ive never been one to fully identify completely with any one gender. Im more open to the idea of being bisexual, but for me its not necessarily about being gay, straight, or anything else. If a person is into women and women are into men, then Im into both men and women, or Im into one or the other or a combination of both. I mean my whole life Ive always been interested in people. So I guess it makes sense that I would be attracted to people of different genders. I mean, I never met a person until I met them and then I was interested in them. When we were together, I really liked these people. I never got to see them until we got married. Im not really that much of an activist, but I am gay. I mean Im still a gay person but its not a big deal for me. Im not trying to get married to a man or anything like that. In terms of my sexuality, its very fluid, you know. Ive always felt that sex is a great way to explore yourself and get to know yourself. Its the best way to explore yourself in general and what works for me might not work for you. I dont even like labels, but I think you have been able to identify what youre about pretty well. I think the word pansexual really describes who we are quite well, so Im pansexual. Im glad that youre willing to accept that label to put it simply, I think its great.

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