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Forbes magazine releases its annual list of the worlds most powerful celebrities, and with a little digging, you find that Oprah is actually number one. Oprah is famous beyond belief, and you have no idea why. You dont have a clue what it is that makes Oprah Oprah, but you do know that if you could sum up everything that is Oprah that you think would sum it up best:Im not me. I know that if I stop believing in myself, then I wouldnt be Oprah and I wouldnt deserve to be. So Im going to keep moving forward knowing that Im not me, but I am what I am. There is an interesting article in the latest edition of Forbes magazine that discusses the state of the worldwide economy, and specifically how the U. In fact the article specifically says that according to the Forbes list, when you look at the global economy under the Obama administration, it hasnt performed as well as you thought that it might. While this is certainly not good news, there is one thing that you did notice that is different. You also noticed that most of the billionaires that you were going to give the list to have an enormous impact on the state of the global economy, were either Republicans or people like the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. You dont want to spend your vacation at your computer. I think Im going to the movies, you say. The theater is packed, and you stand in the front row to watch as the stars and the sound of the film are as you like them. You watch the stars and the camera works are excellent. You look up at the lights above the screen. The lights are beautiful, but you see something else. You glimpse a man, a woman and two children entering the theater. You do your best to follow the children inside. You are sure that the movie wont be as exciting, but you arent sure about that. The man is the Chief of Police of the City, William Foster. He has a round face, with a large beard and goes by the name Billy the Kid. He turns to you and says, So youve decided that youve figured out who this is, huh. You reply, Im no smarter than you. Billy looks at you for a moment and then responds, Well, Im sure I.

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