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Album gave birth to a new sound of country music. You hear the door to the living room open up and a man dressed in a suit with a tie and an eyepatch appear in the doorway. He looks around and then steps forward. We could certainly use more like you around here. Before you can respond a second man dressed in a suit with a goatee and glasses steps out of the door leading into the rest of the house and into the kitchen. You reply Its all I can doIts all I can do you say. When you leave the living room, the two men are still talking to each other, but you dont waste any time to look for the exit. Instead you carefully make your way around the kitchen and into the back where the bedroom is located, which would normally be dark. There you find a lamp on a nightstand, but when you reach for it, you feel you are about to be awoken by someone else. Then you feel a hand grab you from behind behind. You freezeYou feel a strong hand grab your right ass cheek with extreme force, before being placed on the side of the head and then being slammed against the wall. Shouts the man who has come out from the living room. He looks down at you and you look up at the man who has grabbed and released you from his grip. What the fuck do you think youre doing. Ive never seen you before in my life and youre in my house. Right now I want to know if youre the one who tried to rob us and your answer is no, then get the fuck out of my house. You know that youre not being trusted and that your life is in serious danger, but you also know that if you dont tell them who you are right away then someone is going to die. I am you say, a bit too quickly. Ill go get the police here as quick as humanly possible. You say, trying to get out your response before he can do more damage before youre taken away from him. The man lets out a loud laugh, Look, I know who you are. You just came out of nowhere and tried to rob us, you failed.

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