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You have a lot of questions, but you keep the questions to yourself. You keep asking questionsSo, tell me more. I have so much more to tell you, but I dont really know where to begin. Youre a very interesting man, as you were telling me, you look a lot different than I remember, more serious. You werent happy as a kid, then, did you. You nod, not really knowing where to go with the conversation. Well, I didnt really see you as a sad person at one time. I remember you telling me that you were sad because you didnt really fit in with everyone. And I know you were sad at the time, but after awhile I think you started to be happy. I was happy too, until one day this boy came to visit me. I wasnt really sure what was going on with him, but I figured if he was happy, then I was too. There had been times where I was sad, but now I was happy again. You think you might have said too much, and Ricky quickly corrects your mistake. It was a little dramatic, but what Im trying to say is that you were meant to be together. I may come off a bit too serious at times, but I really mean it. You try your best to believe his words, and you smile a bit at the memory. While you couldnt be happier with anyone, Ricky and you couldnt be together. After all that youve been through, sometimes you just want to escape into a world of the unreal, away from the real world where it seems like youre trying to balance a rock on a knifes edge with a rusty spoon. Well if thats how you feel, then well be together. And Im sure Ill see you soon. With these words, he turns and walks away with a smile. Just take my hand, and follow me to the right. You follow Ricky, as the two of you walk through a gate, The gate was open, thankfully, and toward a house. Its a pretty big house, with three stories, and it looks very neglected.

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