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Keywords-American Beauty, Music from Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Amazon. You listen to the American Beauty soundtrackYou put all the music on in the order it was produced, and set up a Spotify playlist. You then listen to all the songs in that order. Every one was performed with more or less the same production, and as a result, youre quite surprised by how well the album does. You listen to the album on in the car as well, when youre at home or at least in your head. When you think about Kevin Spacey, you think about an actor, and not a former President and a dead body. You cant quite put your finger on it yet, but you know youve changed in some ways. For one thing, youve developed a taste for Americana, with songs from the 1950s, the 60s, the 70s and other genres, like blues and country. Kevin Spacey has a particular fondness for folk, and he plays a lot of it on this album. Youve been doing a lot of reading on the American music scene lately, and you see that much of this music is coming back, and in some cases, being heavily influenced by the music of the 50s, the 60s and even the 1970s. The idea that youve heard Kevin Spacey say that he once wrote a song based on a song by Hank Williams is a nice little tidbit of information, but you cant quite make up your mind whether youve been growing up, or becoming a little younger for the last several days. At this point youre making progress in the direction of Americana, but thats not the whole story. The other part of it is, you can already imagine a scenario where youve never met Kevin Spacey, but hes somehow managed to sneak into your house after midnight, youre there by yourself, and hes somehow managed to come into the room with a gun. You have no idea how the fuck that couldve happened, but youve done that a couple of times, and you dont think youll have to do it again, because Kevin Spacey is a dick. You finish up the rest of the music off the album, and close your eyes, imagining what mightve happened if Kevin Spacey had used one of your songs to gain entry to your home and ended it all there, and thats when you finally get a little light.

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