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You say to yourself before you vote. You know what, I dont care what kind of beauty is involved, I just want you to be happy. Cant have you thinking youre in the running for the competition where you have to conform to other peoples ideas of how a woman should look. Allison smiles, but also looks a bit disappointed. I just, uh, can I ask you not to tell anyone. I dont wanna freak out my family if they find out I won. Youre my girl and I can make that decision about your familys privacy. But yeah, if you do win, though, you cant mention it. I mean no offense, but I dont know how Im gonna be able to tell my family without being like a gossipy asshole. I mean its not like anyone would care. Nobodys going to know unless you tell someone or do something like give away your makeup stash to the Daily Bugle. Oh, geez, so Im gonna have to wear a mask. I dont like the idea of not being able to show my real face to my family without it being a big deal. Its just gonna cause a bunch of unnecessary drama if I have to wear some sort of weird, creepy-looking mask. Its not like youve gotta wear some crazy mask that will only work for one night. In fact, you might even get a big ole crowd to cheer you on if you show some skin. Allison sighs and leans back against the chair. So the big winner gets to have lunch with me, or something like that. Or should we have them all make a video about how they were the best thing that happened to America. I mean we got a deal, we got the winnings and we should be able to take care of ourselves, ya know. I mean dont you remember when you were still living on the streets and living off whatever scraps you could steal from stores, eating whatever you could find and sleeping in the park on dark nights. Yeah, well thats a long time ago. I mean, Im old and I dont have to worry about these things anymore, but you still have to worry about a lot of shit that.

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