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More details: Americana Beauty College II 3650 Austin Bluffs Parkway Suite 174. National City, Ca 90702 USA 913-777-7222. AmericanapostsYou are in a large room with about 5 or 6 tables arranged into a circle around a large circular table. A lot of beer and wine bottles are placed on top of the tables. There is a little television in the center channel that is turned on. There are several young men in their 20s and 30s sitting at each of the tables. They all seem to be in a conversation with each other. Some are talking about girls, other, girls talking about other girls, and some seem to be talking about random people on the Internet. M going to sit here you tell the guy in front of you. They could all be talking about each other. He says, You may sit if you please. Re too drunk to argue so you just oblige. The guy at the next table quickly orders a beer for himself and you take the opportunity to order one too, you have no clue what the guy at the counter serves him. S and then pass out shortly after because you can no longer hold your liquor and end up slurring your words until you pass out. Re kind of glad you woke up though.

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