An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-…

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You have to be quiet because the others are looking at you suspiciously and they keep interrupting you with their talk. You sigh, and start to feel a little uneasy. The girls in their green and purple dress suddenly look a little bit friendly, when they see your expression, and ask you if you need some help. You could go to another room, but you think you should try and speak to them. You continue talking in the other roomYou head back to the other room, where the girls are talking, and you still feel uneasy. You feel that your presence here is not welcome. You wonder if there is some way to get out of this. You could try to get rid of the discomfort, and lie down, and close your eyes. You cant say you are very good at that sort of thing, but you think that you could reach that level of fantasy again. You could go up to the one sitting on the sofa, and ask her what she thinks her name is. You sigh, and turn off the TV, and start to go to sleep. You wake upThe sound of the TV still wakes you up, so you sit up and look at the TV, and there on it an anime, the one with the girl and the giant monster, is about to start, and you still feel uneasy. You try to find the words to ask where you are, but you are unable to think of anything because you feel as if you are not welcome here, and you want to leave. You start to shake, and the thought occurs: they are watching you, and you are not welcome here. You leave the roomYou leave the room, trying to forget about the strange things you have seen here. You stay in the roomYou stay in the room, and you try to convince yourself that you can get away from all this. You think of the others, and of what has happened here, but you are unable to convince yourself. You leave the roomYou leave the room, and keep awake. The other three girls have a habit of talking to each other, with little care for you. You try to hide your feelings, but you think they are aware of them. You leave the roomYou leave the room, hoping that youll soon be able to forget about those feelings. You are very afraid that you have forgotten them. You decide to talk to someone about themYou look to the one that sits nearest to you, and ask her a.

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