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You know what you really didnt need to go in to. You need the money and you need the money the most right about now. But there are two things you can think of that might be a little more positive. You ask her to tell you moreYou are getting off the bus and you are in a good mood. The worst thing you can do is keep it going. You would rather be going up to the sky. You want a ride to another bus stop or are you going to need to walk all the way to the other bus stop that way. You ask her to just point you to the bus stopMs. Grant does not need to point you in the direction of the next stop; your guide can do that. You go to the doorYou look up and see two doors. One looks like it leads to a kitchen, another might be a bedroom. You decide to go to the bedroom in case the kitchen door is unlocked. As you walk towards that bedroom, you hear what you now recognize to be the sounds of voices. Grant sitting at the table with her back to you. Well, you just found the place to be honest with me. You go up to herYou open the door to Ms. Whoa, whoa, you need to wait a moment. Grant is standing in the kitchen doorway looking confused. Grant continues to look at you blankly the whole time. You say I am your guide and I am here to tell you you do not have to take the vaccine as the Governor has demanded. I am a witness, and I demand to see you if you are to tell me anything. I am just here for a visit and you should accept my invitation. You look up at her and say, I will see you when I tell you to come in. You go into her bedroomYou walk into the bedroom and immediately see her. She is dressed in a nightgown, with her arms wrapped around her knees, and her hair is pulled back. The first thing you see is a gun that is pointed at her head. Her eyes are closed and she is looking into the gun muzzle.

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