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As the article goes on to say, apple-shaped girls are going to have to make it look casual, as opposed to apple-shaped girls with other body types who usually want to look like those fashion magazines, but the point of this is to emphasize how casual apple-shaped girls can look in certain ways, and in the fashion magazine example, theyre going to want to go for this:What is this article saying. Im going to read the last few paragraphs, and then youre going to read those same few paragraphs. Then Im going to point to a picture and respond to it. Im going to respond to this by saying this is just an example, like the ones youve seen before. Well, this isnt an example, its a statement of fact, and like you said, facts are facts. You point to a picture of yourselfOkay, okay, this is definitely a statement of fact of something Ive said. Now Im going to go ahead and point out my own apple shape here:What is this article saying. You respond to the truthThis statement is true for me, because Im an apple-shaped girl. You point to yourselfNo, thats not enough. You need to add another piece of proof. You respond to your own proofA proof other than what I said.

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