Ariana grande beauty and the beast

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Ariana, John Legend – Beauty And The Beast, Official Music Video, YouTubeplaylists Ariana, you dont even bother answering, So Id like to show you around the mansion first. Ariana leads you out of the foyer where you see the massive mansion. You also see the two of them entering and walking to the front door. Ariana says nothing, she just stares at you. With no more speeches, Ariana leads you inside. You see many of her friends sitting around in various rooms. Some are chatting away to one another, while others are just watching the girls, like you are right now. So what brings all these girls to the basement. You ask, trying not to look like you want to be anywhere else. D like to talk with me and my friends. You can come talk with us later. T say goodnight too loudly, because I might hear you. She does this and you start heading back upstairs. S friend is trying to follow you as you leave the room. You continue to try and avoid her and get back to your room before she catches up with you.

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