Ariana Grande's Height Is Even a Mystery to Her; How Tall Is She Really?

Ariana Grande is undoubtedly one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. Though she first rose to fame by portraying Cat Valentine on Victorious and Sam & Cat (two popular Nickelodeon shows) it was her musical talents that catapulted her into superstardom. Because the Positions singer boasts millions of fans, tons of people are interested in personal facts about her. Her height, in particular, is something of great interest to quite a few people. But how tall is the singer?

Grande may be small in stature, but her impact is anything but that. With 232.8 million followers on Instagram alone, the “Almost Is Never Enough” singer is the third most followed person on the app. Furthermore, Grande’s enormous following also makes her the most followed woman on the platform. Grande uses the app as a marketing tool to promote her music, as a way to connect with fans, and to speak up about important issues.

Ariana Grande gets candid about mental health on Instagram

Most recently, Grande used her Instagram to speak up about the importance of mental health. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, the songwriter used her Instagram account to share resources with her fans who were struggling with mental health. As Grande has experienced pain and loss herself, she has been candid over the years about how important it is to take care of your emotional and mental healing.

“Btw happy May,” Grande wrote on May 2, 2021.”Here’s to ending the stigma around mental health and normalizing asking for help. Healing isn’t linear, fun, quick, or at all easy but we are here and we’ve got to commit to making this time as healthy, peaceful and beautiful as possible. The work is so hard but we are capable and worth it. Sending so much love and strength. 🖤 Thank you for these.”

The ‘Positions’ singer has given conflicting answers about how tall she is

Grande also uses Instagram to share personal moments from her life. She frequently shares photos of herself through the apps. Because the “thank u next” singer is almost always sporting heels in her photos, fans are curious about her height. Considering Grande herself has given conflicting statements about how tall she is in the past, fans are constantly wondering about her true height.

Back in 2009, Grande took to Twitter to finally address her height. “Is 5” 3′!!! I grew! Yay! :],” she tweeted out. But, just two years later, the singer shared that she was shorter than the aforementioned height. “5 feet or a little more, I’m miniature,” Grande wrote after a fan inquired about how tall she really was. That answer changed once again in a 2019 interview with the Zach Sang Show when she was asked why she chose to rehearse in such high heels.

What is Grande’s real height?

“I don’t have a choice,” Grande revealed. “I’m, like, 5…5. I‘m just five. Nah, I’m 5’2″. Since Grande has claimed different heights over the years, it’s no surprise that fans are confused about how tall she is. However, because she’s been photographed near other celebrities whose heights have been confirmed, we know that the singer is actually right around 5’2. Still, it’ll be interesting to see if the pop star claims a different height at some point in the future.

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