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Re in a video game, fighting bad guys and rescuing damsels. Re kind of in a fantasy world, but it looks quite realistic. The bad guys include undead, demons, monsters, cultists and more. Re rescuing include some who look like real women and some who look like cartoon characters. S time to find the princess and save her kingdom. T actually drag the plot along, although it does drag away your concentration and makes things a lot harder. This game would be good to play under stressful situations like a job interview or to pass the time on a long airplane flight. T be appropriate for kids or anyone under 13. Please no one post a link to this on the Internet. You get a cookie every time you view this game. S it, another game and the inevitable question is going to pop into your head. T think the cookie will be enough to keep you focused enough to complete this task. You also know that the post office has a lot more to offer than just the cookies. T see the old lady that was doing the same thing to you a few days ago. You go to different sections of the store, looking for something that catches your eye. T help but skim through them, but not too much. T going to be spending too much time trying to peruse through a large tome. Re in an office like setting, you look for a lot of different types of office supplies. You sit on a desk chair and begin looking through a catalog. You look through everything in the catalog, but eventually you find.

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