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You agreeThis is the perfect time for me to join you, this is the perfect place to sing together with me. I want to be like you, I want to be like Belle. Belle, Im not afraid to give my heart to you. I want you to hold me like the Beast always held me. I want you to kiss and tell me the love to Belle, Belle, Belle. My Belle, oh Belle I cant keep my eyes off of thee. I dont deserve you, but Ill be damned if I aint gonna make the most of this moment. Come back, my Belle, I want you so bad. Im gonna take you home forever. Belle, Im a monster but Im gonna keep my name, Im not afraid to die for you and I can take you home forever,Belle, my Belle, forever. Back to TopAs much as you dont want to, you cant resist a challenge of this magnitude. This is why you didnt call up your family and tell them youre going to leave to go follow your dreams. This is why you didnt call up your friends and tell them youre running off on your own. You have to do something to prove to yourself that its not you, its that thing. Youve been here long enough, been through enough.

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