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Ayla had been giving you a lot of crap about you not having the latest organic skin care products, so you were in the mood for a pleasant conversation. S almost time for me to head to bed and I probably should be preparing myself for the day of all things. Just let me buy you stuff. Ve been so nice to me, so I feel nice to buy you stuff. Re so cute when you act sweet. T have bought me anything if you had known I was going to be a bitch. I thought maybe you were kidding about this before. Ayla immediately gets up and runs over to the door and picks the lock causing you to go over to try to see if you can see where she went. S never really been a friend before. T really all that fond of her since you started dealing with her little brother that she had a habit of getting violent about. T because of any deep-seated issues, it was just a short-sighted need to prove herself. T really think much about it at the time, but now it all makes sense. The relationship would never work and it ended in a bad situation for you. Re not going to be a bitch and you can leave right now. But it is almost time for me to be a bitch tomorrow.

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