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You dont even need to look, you know the message. I thought I told you to fuck off, not the goddamn cryptographer. And I dont give a shit if hes the fucking greatest human intelligence in history. Hes still an idiot who cant think for himself about shit. You swing your fist, and its as hard as a rock. The rock hits his face, and he crumples to the ground. He rolls over, his face buried in dirt. He digs a fist deep into his face, as the ground starts to rise. The ground rises higher with every step it takes, and you run into a tree to avoid plummeting into a gorge. Its not so bad, but the ground is starting to look scary. Hes digging in the face, not doing much to keep himself from collapsing, but the ground is starting to look frightening. You punch him in the face, but hes still digging. Besides, youve never hit me in the face, has it. He digs his fingers into your ears. The only one whos gonna get their rocks off is gonna be me. He lets you go, and you fall forward. You fall on your ass, and he kicks you in the face with some sort of rock. He smashes your head into the ground. You take another good long kick to the face as your face hits the ground, before being rolled around and thrown into a wall, before another blow to the face. After a few minutes of this torture, youre sure youre going to lose it.

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