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You have got a lot to do today but you can start off today. You will look at some pictures on your computer. You will be more productive today and put your mind at ease. S time to get things started and do everything you can to make tomorrow better than today. You are at the peak of your powers and you can do anything.

D like to entertain any more guests. Your stomach is just screaming for something different. Re going to have to settle for just a single small portion of food. What you really need is a drink, something to fill up the empty part of your soul. T about to get any of it from the little girl sitting in front of you. After a couple more seconds of indecisiveness, you pull out your phone and text her. You get a response from the little girl in less than two minutes. I heard you had a good time at the party. Re going to have to do something sooner or later. T going to talk to you, at the very least you need to make her feel uncomfortable. S going to give you any sort of meaningful response anyway. You decide to take matters into your own hands. T want to answer for a while because I was afraid I was asking the wrong one. T think I was going to run off with some creepy loser did you. Just kidding, I saw the party and I got your number because you seemed like a nice girl. Anyway, it is kind of late, can you come over to my house in a little while.

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