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You no longer need the infoNo, Beautycon Los Angeles. Im going to see that you see it as no great loss. Its not like Im having the time or capacity to go all the other cons. The only difference is, Beautycon gets me a lot closer to you. Now that were actually together, the only way I can have that is if I actually get to see you, which is probably why Im telling you now. At least I know youre going to be there for me too. You tell her that youre not interestedYou tell her that youve noticed no change in her behavior at all recently, and that youre not interested. This makes her look confused for a second, but she seems to calm down immediately. She asks you what you want to do after this though. You see if you can find anything happening in the cityYou head back to town and wander around for a bit hoping that something is going on. It seems like you never run across something. You can think of a few places you might have been to in the past, but the city seems to be as lifeless as ever. You continueThis is getting too confusing and you know you should leave, but what if you dont. You have a certain something that you think is right in this relationship and you dont want to lose it. Theres a certain spark that seems right as well, youre getting tired of being without it. You look up at the sky as you walk around. Perhaps if there were something going on, things would make sense a little better. You go up to a roof in the area and there sits the city, you can tell that most of the buildings are deserted as well. But then again thats not what youre here for right now, you just want to be somewhere else right now. You could go back to the hotel you were staying at. Even though itd be nice to have a hot bath that you knew would cure you of your sadness, it is getting cold and you dont feel like taking the long walk down into the sewers all by yourself. You could try looking in the sewers instead, maybe something will happen there.

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