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X5FT Beauty Beast Party Photo You find a nice, solid block of wood which will make a nice desk for you. Theres also a small closet to your left when you grab one of the boxes, which you also grab to the left. You open the door to the left of the front door, and there you see a pretty girl with a white dress and black hair as beautiful as youve ever seen. You step into the hallway and close the door, not wanting to see her and give her any information that could get you in more trouble. The man with the purple face turns down the street and looks around a bit, Huh, no problemo. Ah, hello, Im Jack Smith, Ive been hired to do your decorating. Well, youre not replacing me, so theres that. He shrugs, Alright, if you say so. You push him into the wall as hard as you can, and then a fist punch right into it. You hear someone gasp in pain, but Jack Smith is laughing and continues to punch you. Then you hear something breaking, and another explosion goes off. You see smoke billowing from Jack Smiths body. You try to get up to check if hes alive, but you fall back onto the wall. You can hear the screaming of the dying as you see your life flash before your eyes. You look up as the explosion ends and see the house is completely gutted and youre still on the floor where you were knocked out. You cant help but think, You cant have a dead man moving boxes. You push yourself to your knees and crawl under the boxes. You grab any random tool you can find and begin to dig through the wreckage in an effort to try and salvage anything useful.

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