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You go into the back to where the rest of your crew are waiting, still with your pack on. You get your food from the freezer and take a seat, eating and thinking about what this adventure has in store for you. Ve been on this damn Island for a month now. Re more interested to eat some of your food. T see anyone else in the kitchen area either. So you probably are in the kitchen of some sort of restaurant, or an Inn at the very least. As soon as you said that, you have everyone run back to the kitchen. T know how you were thinking that, so you go back to your tent to eat. Re a bit hungry, so eating in your tent works fine, You sit down and eat for a while, and then you make another decision. T want to go, it looks like a horrible place. T ask you to come here, I was going to warn you first before you decided to go that it might not be as nice as everyone thinks.

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