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After he listened to it, he added the songs melody and lyrics to the films soundtrack. D actually happen across such a rare combination of music; it really is a miracle. But this music in particular, it has something to do with the legendary Beast, a creature known to most people as the Scales. I only hope that the Beast may listen to my plea. Maybe then you will remember me in your music. This is a request from you as you are a man of great power, man of great courage, man of great intelligence. And you might actually find a way to save me. M sure if you did, then I would accept your help. I know that you do have magical abilities and I also know you have power over the beast within. M only asking you to use its full strength in attempting to save me. M certain once you know my secret, you will not want to tell them the truth about me. You will let them do whatever they want. And when you have saved me, I will return you my trust. How the hell do you know my deepest, darkest, most secret thoughts. Because I went to the trouble of putting together all the pieces to create a cohesive theory. My theory states that you have the ability to summon the succubus.

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