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Ive been watching a lot of gay porn lately, and I just realized what a bunch of homophobic fags the Beast was. Of all the things that couldve offended me, he being gay and all was the last one, yet I was watching his porn on a daily basis. Now I just feel like the Beast was doing me a favor, or rather a gay mans favor. I have been thinking this a lot in the last few days. And in the back of my mind Ive been wondering why you never spoke out against gay rights. Now I guess you may have been too shy to voice your opinion on the matter at the time, even if you probably were for marriage rights, but isnt it true you had a family. I mean you knew this was an unnatural act, right. And how is it that you never once spoke out against those who performed such acts. Im not asking you to make any sort of statement. Im just asking you to just be a man and say something. You could help me out by telling me why you never spoke out against such things. I dont mean to be a bother, and I know the last thing I want right now is for you to think Im still thinking about the Beast. But the Beast was gay before I knew about him, and I remember when I was still in the closet. I never actually touched, let alone had any sort of sexual contact with any of the actors. So of course I was surprised when I discovered I was pregnant after one of my boyfriends raped me years ago. I didnt want to cause any scandal or for people to turn against me in any way. I did tell my boyfriend, who was also in the closet at the time, and he was kind of disappointed, but he just said hed be okay with it. He didnt push me into anything though, so I guess I wasnt pressured. Then again, I was only nineteen at the time and I kind of pushed myself to go through with the pregnancy. I didnt really think about my future beyond that. I was so scared about how the world was going to view my child if I had an abortion. I could have gotten a lot of shit for it, not to mention the fact I was lying to my boyfriend about it. He didnt even know I had an abortion and I kind of hid it.

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