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Re going to get better as you get used to the body and start developing your powers again. I just want you to get comfortable and safe when you return. Now that your powers are coming back, you can start experimenting and exploring the possibilities of this place. As you stand before the Doctor you realize what he said. That being your present status is a lot like sleeping without a body. The last thing you want is to get up and have something horribly wrong happen and die. M going to take you to a few of the higher ups in this place. There are some major decisions to be made right now. I want you to get familiar with the area around the bunker before I even leave this room though. T want any potential problems to get in our way. S not like you have anything better to do with your time. D sure be better served by another individual. I shall leave as soon as I am able, but if everything is as you say, then I shall get back shortly. I do hope your research in the lab goes well, for I shall need it for the baby. He then stands up, but does not leave the room, he just turns to you and addresses you directly. I shall send one of my people to find it then as well.

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