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Mp3 You dont hear itYoure just as surprised as she is. You dont hear anything, and you werent listening to the outside noise anyway. And youre not going to do anything that might put you in danger. Well, Im going to get out of the room and make a phone call. Hopefully its a friend or family member that can talk to me. But Id rather you not disturb me. With those last words, you hear the lock turn, and the rooms door swing shut. She takes a deep breath and gets out of the bed. Youre already about to ask her to wait for you, but then you realize that while that would be a nice gesture, you think its more likely that she wont even be back, and that shell probably just leave the room on her own, or she wont come back. So you stay in the room, and you sit on the edge of the bed watching the TV. The voice on the other end of the phone sounds panicked, but its clearly a female voice. Oh dear, Im so sorry to bother you, the person on the other end says, but I just got a call from someone asking where the Best Western is, and then she said to call you immediately. Im going to take the call now, and then Ill be in touch. Well, let her come find you, I suppose, she answers. No, I want to know when shell call back so I can leave. Ill let her know youre in the Best Western. Ill let you know more as it happens.

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