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AimeeSmith6Fan art by:Aimee SmithAnna Aimee Smith Fanart Anna Smith Fan ArtImage copyright Getty Images Image caption The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the caseUS food company JBS has won at the Supreme Court, overturning a ban on its red meat. The company, which had argued its meat should also be restricted because it posed a health risk, said that no-one was suggesting human meat posed a health risk. But the high courts ruling on Thursday does uphold a lower courts ruling that the companys products should be considered hazardous and banned. The American meat industry says it is pleased with the ruling. The decision means that JBS products should now be permitted in the US, where red meat is the dominant source of protein. The firms chief executive, Indra Nooyi, praised the court for standing up for the American consumer. Were confident that, once again, the courts have shown the importance of the personal choices that our consumers make, she said in a statement. More than 30 states ban the sale or purchase of meat raised by cattle raised for human consumption. The companys products are also banned in the US by Japan, South Korea, Germany, France and Italy. But JBS argues that the red meat sold to American consumers is not raised for consumption by people. JBS also argues that some of the other food it produces is safer than animal products. But critics of its argument maintain that its products are high in saturated fat, added salt and contain antibiotics such as E. The case was first filed 12 years ago and a high-profile lawyer for JBS, Michael Paulson, died of complications from a blood clot in 2011. United States of America, and Justice Anthony Kennedy was the swing vote. He wrote that the reason there is so much meat available on supermarket shelves is a result of farmers producing more meat than they can sell to distributors and retailers. That, he said, was the result of government regulations that encouraged competition among meatpackers to sell more meat to retail stores. Justice Samuel Alito, joined by Chief Justice John Roberts, dissented. The notion that Americans are being served up a diet that is dangerously lacking in meat is belied by the record, he wrote. The government has shown no evidence that Americans are eating less red meat than before the government interfered with the industry. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The case has become a flashpoint in the US food debateMeanwhile, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has.

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