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JpgimgThere has been some speculation regarding the story for Beauty and the Beast, some of which is based off of the new rumors that have sprung up in the past few days. Many have pointed out that there is a lot of similarities which, while the general plot points have not changed they have added on some details or even eliminated a few. I would like to address these rumors and put forth the fact that Beauty and the Beast is not a direct continuation of the original story, but a new story written by the original director, Bill Condon. One thing that has come up is that the original story was set in France and the Beast is actually a Frenchman. Condon himself has stated that this is not the case, though he did mention the French people should get to decide if the Beast is French or not if it helps sell the movie, and the film will have different versions:Yes, yes, it was a very strange story. But it wasnt set in France, it was set in a land called Versailles, which is where the Beast resides. I did make one here five or six years ago, but I think it didnt do well. The truth is there were other versions of the story that were offered to me that we just couldnt come to an agreement on as far as the plot goes and the characters go, but there was another version also where the Beast was a woman, a couple of different ones, so Im going to take it from there. Condon is actually going to be taking a lot less liberties with the source material since he will be writing all of the material for the film himself, but he has said that he will be keeping some information from it in the plot. In one of his interviews with ScreenRant, he said:Im making the story my own and I had to. I really wanted to give the audience a fairy tale that wasnt just happens to be set in Paris. The film is going to have a different feel to it than the animated film, but the tone is going to be pretty much the same. Condon has been a bit tight lipped about the actual story, though he has hinted that he will be incorporating the Beasts own personal history and his relationship with Gaston, voiced by Benicio Del Toro, which will play a big part in the film as well. We also know that the Beast will be able to speak English, though he doesnt really explain too much about it since he just says he will be a part of the story. However, one of the theories that has been going around is that the Beast might.

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