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A few of them you probably should have done before you took the job. You never did figure out why you were giving a shit about them. T exactly the time to worry about the possibility of sleeping forever. There is your alarm, which you use to wake everyone up. Ll start packing up all of the stuff we have here. T want it to be, but things have just turned out that way. Your mother tried to tell you something was wrong with you, but you brushed it off. T really like talking to her anyway. Re packing up your own things, you also manage to convince the rest to leave as well. T know what caused them all to do that, but they all left. Re all heading to your old house which now looks a lot different. S been torn down and rebuilt and renamed several times, but its the only house you all live in and all of your old friends live in as well. Ve never been here before either. When you get to your old house, you see everything is mostly the same, save your old friend Peter. T even look like himself anymore.

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